About Chew PR

Our promise is to deliver purposeful PR campaigns that deliver just the PR you need.


Chew PR is a Wakefield based PR agency that believes it’s the results that do the talking. No jargon, no fluff, no inexperienced juniors, just sound PR and marketing sense that is known to raise your reputation and build your business.


Founded on PR tradition, but not fixed on past ways of working, we know an open mind and flexibility is the key. This is why our PR services are considered and matched to your priorities to provide what is best, and what works.


We believe in our approach; not because of blind loyalty but because our processes are proven, we’ve worked hard at them, and the return on investment for our clients averages way beyond their investment – 30:1 is our average!

Our core values – Integrity – Value – Creativity – Knowledge

Speak to any one of our clients and each will tell you how easy our working relationship is, how we understand their business, how they trust us implicitly, and how they value our input in their business.

For us it’s the joy of making something happen, and for you it’s the development of bigger business