Building the brand of your care home starts with sharing stories.

Building the brand of your care home business starts with sharing your stories.

Help those looking for care find you. Give them peace of mind about considering care, about considering you and help them connect, all this before they’ve even contacted you.

Care is emotional, by sharing your stories you can help people make an emotional connection with your business and your caring team. Firstly demonstrate the quality of your care, the caring nature of your team members, the bonds that exist between caring and the individuals being supported and cared for.

Get real, share your stories on social media and with your local newspaper.

Got a summer fair planned?  Let your local newspaper know, have a fun activity planned? Take pictures and share it on your social media accounts.

Sharing stories doesn’t have to mean perfectly edited but it does have to be real.

Now really is the time to connect with people and share your own story.

By sharing stories and illustrating how social care really cares you stand out from the crowd and become an option.

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